VLIS is going to be the world's leading process chain for fully processed glass wafers!


VLIS can prepare several 10,000 vias per minute!


The VLIS process creates high density through holes with virtually no edge chipping.

About VLIS

VLIS = Volume Laser Induced Structuring

The new VLIS process (short for Volume Laser Induced Structuring) enables high density through holes in glass for advanced packaging solutions. For various applications, tens of thousands of holes per wafer are processed. Our VLIS process enables a very fast manufacturing process with high precision which matches a potential metallization process.

Fast processing

High yield

Improved for metallization

General Properties



Under Development


Borofloat33, Quartz


Wafer Diameter

up to 300mm

Panel Dimension

up to 200 x 200 mm

Substrate thickness

200 – 1000 µm

150 – 1500 µm

Hole diameter

≥30 µm

<30 µm


twice hole diameter


More About Us

The VLIS technology has been a joint development of Plan Optik AG and 4Jet Group. Together, Plan Optik and 4 Jet have more than 60 years of experience in processing glass. With an additional 30 years of experience in the field of laser technology and laser processing, this cooperation bundles an immense know-how into a unique process chain for the highly productive production of metallized through holes in glass.

Plan Optik AG

As a technology leader, Plan Optik AG produces structured wafers made of glass, glass-silicon or quartz which are used as active elements for numerous applications in microsystems technology in sectors such as consumer electronics, automotive, aerospace, chemicals and pharmaceuticals.

4Jet Group

The 4JET Group delivers solutions for the surface technology of the future. Customers include all of the world’s leading tire manufacturers, numerous automotive suppliers and OEMs, as well as the largest manufacturers of flat glass and thin-film photovoltaic cells.


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